Below is a collection of recent Optiplan filing cabinet installations.

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North Sydney

Shown are two 6 drawer cabinets behind reception. All files instantly accessible!


Shown is an undercounter installation of 4 x 3 drawer OptiUnits - the equivalent of 12 x 4 drawer filing cabinets in much less space!

Client obtained:

Counter working space; trademark Optiplan "soft close" drawers for busy staff; professional appearance matched to office dècor and the most filing space available within this height.


Shown is a Large A5 System with storage modules.

Sydney City

Shown is a fitted 6 Drawer cabinet, providing over 9 lineal metres of A4 in a condensed work area.


This is a large rolling storage unit for mostly active records. It is fitted with gear assisted handles for easy movement, thus minimising the potential to staff of long term strain through constant handling of loaded bays.

We welcome the opportunity of assessing YOUR storage needs.


Shown is a rolling storage unit with 79 lineal metres capacity.

Smaller and larger ones available as required.

This type of system is most suited to archive storage - we are happy to compare the filing storage which you require.

Bow Handles

Alternative contemporary Bow Handle design complements individual office fitout.

All cabinets available in wide range of models and colours


Shown are two A4 5 Drawer cabinets and a "Mini" unit in customised colours chosen to compliment the office decor.

Box Hill

Shown are multiple A4 systems.

St Leonards

Shown are two A4 6 Drawer cabinets.

NB: One single A4 Optiplan drawer = one 4 drawer suspension cabinet!

Sydney North Shore

Shown is an Optiplan 6 Drawer.

The cabinet finish stylistically matches the office fitout.

This single unit = 6x4 drawer filing cabinets or 2 lateral units.


Shown are two A4 cabinets incorporated into a mahogany veneer fitout.


Even a small 3 Drawer Optiplan cabinet provides over 4 1/2 lineal metres of storage space!


Shown is a cabinet in colours chosen to match the interior.

This single 8 Drawer A5 unit provides over 17 lineal metres storage space!