As a Financial Planning Adviser, you are accustomed to presenting the best financial service information and products to your clients. However, keeping this information neatly, space efficiently and with fast, accurate access has often proved very difficult.

Not any more!

We are proud to advise that you can now use the most versatile and cost effective filing system in Australia to manage your information professionally - whether in front of your clients, or as part of your main office facility - as a complete filing system or in smaller parts, ie a desk top display. Some components which may be of interest to you are:

1) Opti-Containers and Carry-Bags

Use any model in the range of containers for storing and uniquely indexing Brochures, Client files, Privacy Legislation documents, Applications etc. You can store the Containers in the cabinets, on your desk, in the car and on clients’ table/desk tops. Opti-Containers fit into optional Carry-Bags where you can also store other items. Professional Image! Space Efficient!! Privacy Compliance !!!

2) Opti-Files and Speedtabs

Store from 1 to 700 sheets in only one file – full range of Opti-Files – samples available. Unique colour coded labels (only one needed per file) provide the best control and label visibility of any system. You can also use the Optiplan indexing advantage to individually and separately subclassify component information without bulky files! Samples available.

3) Opti-Units

This system stores more files in less space than any other – proved across Australia. Full range from mobile trolleys, under-desk units through to work station, main office and bulk storage units. Perfect for modern, professional offices.

4) Computer Compatible

However involved you may be, or wish to be, with computerisation, Optiplan’s system is the most compatible method of indexing. Why? Because the simple indexing layout employs the same logic as displayed on computer screens, enabling you to very easily sub-classify information (if required), while retaining instant access. It’s the natural partner to, but not dependent on, a computer.

Contact us on the above numbers or Freecall 1800 813 255 for any information, or for a “No Obligation” demonstration.